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Residential Interior Designers Mumbai – Home is the place where you live your life. Your family members, pets and your little plants all share the same roof. And it becomes your responsibility to provide them a place where everyone feels warm when coming into. Unlike shopping for yourself, Residential Interior Design plays a significant role other than any type of work you do. It’s not like that every month or in every season you will re-decor your home. Interior Decorations do not happen like that because it takes financial budget allowance and months of planning.
For this particular task you need to be very sure with whom you are trusting with your ‘interiors’. You are aware how an architect’s qualifications are a mandate thing but the most important element is that they understand you as in ‘personal’. Unless you have a rapport of understanding with each other the result on your ‘walls’ will not reflect the way you want to style them.
They should be respectful with you when your ideas and expectations you are looking for are well comprehended by them. Also they should be able to convince you with new themes and challenges about which you may not be aware of happening in the Residential Interior Designs Industry. To look for the Best Residential Interior Design Company in Mumbai is a very difficult task but the good news is this, with Homely Design Studio you will get every solution related to your home interior at your door.


Give Us Your Details So We Can Call You Back


We would like to proceed by arranging a meeting with you. It will benefit both of us to understand each other’s styles and desires. We will be sharing our thought process of innovative ideas as according to the latest trend setters to the mere way of interior designing. Other than knowing how large or small the living room, drawing room , kitchen , lobby and bathroom you want in particular but also in which way you want your lovely home to look like in a total ‘view’. We would be sharing and describing you with a plethora of designs with our last references and latest ones too – so that you can imagine your sweet home in the best suitable theme.
We believe that studying the location of the new home or the addition we built would help us to paint your wall of expectations. No doubt there are many Residential Interior Designers in Mumbai but our way of working is totally different from the existing market of Residential Interior Design. We prepare proper documentation, gather the exact dimensions ,record video and click photographs so that when we meet again we will be delivering the ‘design -draft’ of your home sweet home.


When we will know about the direction in which we have to begin – all other things or say the next step will fall into place. We will sketch down the described option based on which an illustrative design will be drawn. The main objective of this is to frame out the set of designs. It will be drawings of Elevations, dimensions and sections all this is prepared for the Constructor to have an illustrative design to get us an idea about the costing.
See, our way of work is quite different from the rest of Residential Interior Designers in Mumbai because we believe in being in constant touch with our dear customers. We know how much financially you have worked hard for the every counted brick of your sweet home. And any comments and recommendations during the development of design will be welcomed by us as it’s you, who will be coming back after a long tiring day. So, your inputs will be entertained by our team and the same will be conveyed to the Construction Team.


When we collected all the required information for designing the ‘draft’. We move further to the next step of providing you with an ample number of options. Some of our options you may not find what you are looking for but with so many options in hand you would be able to choose that particular design or the concepts mix and match to get that ‘ONE’ you were looking for to put on your walls. We have not become the best Residential Interior Designer in a day or two but by investing 15+ years of satisfaction in our happy customers with the approach of going beyond the limits to get you that satisfaction -every time when you enter your home. When we have got the ‘single design’ to move the process further that will make both the parties to be aware of how, we are approaching your directed designs and how you wanted to feel at the end.


After the designing phase the most important is ‘Maturing Developments’. Which here means that after thorough understanding we will be in the ‘Execution Step’ of the designs on papers. We will be constantly in touch with the Constructor to direct with all the required measures. All the dimensions will be checked on and the material detail will be shared with you too, so that you can have the surety of the items being used will be good quality.
This step is as important as any other ‘Step’, previously. Like the illustrative design it also includes sets of necessary documentations from the end of the Constructor. As it gives you the one final opportunity to make changes in the documentations before it turns into ‘bricks and cement’. Small alterations can be easily made but large significant changes may increase the time needed to complete the design. When doing Residential Interior Design it’s not so easy as it appears, a proper illustration is all which plays a very important part in shaping your dream place -‘home’.


Now, when the approvals are considered of ‘Maturing Developments’ and made changes of subsequent additions. We are happy to proceed on the Submission of Documents. The spiraled dossier of drawings is essentially set of much required instructions with which the Constructor will build the house of your ‘imagination’. Listing the materials used, to labor costs, all the information’s our team will share with you. The final detailed costing of constructing your place will be shared by the Constructor with us and we will be happy in keeping you in the loop of communication.


This is our favorite step where we begin Construct your home in real time. And in this all queries will be answered by the Contractor. As he/she will be having in-depth knowledge of the construction on the site. We will make sure to save your hard earned money in all the best possible ways. Many times, it has happened that inclusive ideas come-up when our team is on the site. About which you will be communicated and according to your insight view only we would proceed further.