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In the Commercial Interior Design industry we have seen many waves of changes in the field respectively. No doubt there is a sea of Commercial Interior Designers in Mumbai but then too, many times big hotels and malls fail to attract the attention of the audience towards them. And the basic reason is their ‘interior designs’. There are reasons why people prefer to go to some specific hotels and malls repeatedly then checking out with some new ones. It’s only because of the interiors they have on their walls.
In today’s time it is very important to have a well experienced Commercial Interior Designers in Mumbai, like Homely Design Studio. We hold 15+years of expertise in building extraordinary interiors of corporate offices, retail spaces, professional offices, spas, hospitals, coaching centers, etc. For having a magnificent look opt for the Best Commercial Interior Design Company in Mumbailike Homely Design Studio who does not measure miles before starting off. With no doubt , Homely Design Studio, stands out as a distinguished and the best Commercial Interior Designer in Mumbai can be an add on to reflect your aesthetic sense of your personality in your business.


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The interior you choose for your commercial set up, is the silent salesperson which sells your outlet to your customer’s to visit again. So, be careful with the arrangements and layouts of the store because then it can drive you more sales, too. Just like a book, the entrance of your commercial space plays a very important role to make the visitors enter inside and avail your services. Before settling for any one option of design ask for recommendations and also share your creativity-like you have seen something somewhere or read about .
With pieces of imaginations one can create a place of imagination into ‘real-time’. Like, we being the one-stop-solution of Commercial Interior Design, provides a plethora of options to look upon so that according to the interest of your business you can select the best from the best options.


Depending upon your product and age group you want to approach you can choose colors accordingly, to set their eyes on your store. As colors leave behind an impactful impression on the visitors. Suppose, if you are targeting youngsters, then use bright and bold shades contrasting them with subtle colors. Now if your products/services require female visitors then go for pink, blue and green colors. And for men the color should be blue, grey, and black. Keep in mind before setting down any color for your interiors, understand the emotion intrigued by a particular color combination in the mind of the user. Discuss in detail the preferences of your color and the suggestions you get from the Commercial Interior Designers about.


After you choose the colors and entrance designs -the foremost thing is the choice of lights. For different sections of places you can use lights accordingly. Like Ambiance Lights can be placed in general areas. It also helps to define the mood of the place. For products on the shelf use accent lights to grab the attention of the onlookers. With the right selection of lights you can retain your visitors’ attention for a long duration. And could use mirrors smartly to reflect the lights in the store to every corner of the outlet. Ask about the types of lights, which can be used for your commercial interiors effectively for driving the attention of the onlookers.


Believe it, ‘Smell’ acts as an invitation to the visitors. Using the right smell, is all that is needed. For small space commercial interiors the smell of cucumber will feel like the area is larger than it seems. Depending upon the space you have you can have varieties of scents in your store. Another add on could be the use of the right ‘music’. It sets the mood of the visitors away from the tiring day which he/she has. The volume should be set with factors like carpets, ceiling and curtains. Also the type of commercial store you have -it depends upon that very factor very prominently. Low volume is all good for a shopping center but for a bar it should be high- because that is what the purpose is to have high volume music to enjoy. Again, it depends upon the type of your commercial store and your customer demographic.


The Cash Desk should have enough space for the buyers to stand-out comfortably in the queue. The reason behind this is that customer’s belongings and shopping bags can be well accommodated without causing other customers any form of disturbances. According to the facts, customers do not like the parts where they have to physically pay their hard-earned money.Do have options of multiple paying methods so that your customers do not have to wait along which tries their patience.
Keep your cash box small and below the interaction frame with the customer’s. You can add the check-out section with impulse selling stuff to the customers by sharing some benefits of last minute add-ons or in the next time shopping points. And the best thing, lastly, be polite with your customers, no wonder if they even return all the stuff they purchased or wish not to buy a specific item after seeing the bill on the screen. The way you treat them will leave a lasting impact in the minds of the customers to come again at your store.
A good presentation, store presentation on the digital screen, near the cash counter will ease the pain of the customer’s waiting. Got an alluring poster to entice the looker’s telling them that they have made the right choice of ‘buying’ from here. We being the Best Commercial Interior Design Company in Mumbai knows all about the strategies to apply to raise the footfall of customers at your commercial store. Homely Design Studio, with you will make sure that according to the latest trend you get every possible exposure of assured profit gaining agendas pen down by our team of experts. Together, we will shape each other.