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If you are looking for the services of an interior decorator in Mumbai, Homely Design Studio Private Limited can help you. We are an industry leader in this market offering a complete range of services; from initial space planning to implementation of any interior decoration project. We are always a step ahead of our competition with our team of creative professionals staying abreast of the latest trends in interior decoration industry. As we take pride in our reputation that we have built over the last many years by taking on some of the most challenging interior design and decoration projects in commercial, industrial and residential markets. We are based in Mumbai and have many satisfied customers in Mumbai, Delhi, Nagpur, Chandigarh, Goa, Dehradun, Pune, Kochi, Guwahati, Jaipur, Lucknow, Hubli, Bhopal, Pathankot and many other cities of India. We invite you to visit our website to view some of our accomplishments. Our clientele includes restaurants, hotels, corporate offices, financial institutes and luxury homes.

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Our company is located in Mumbai and you can reach us at +91 9833365310 by phone, and by email at info@homelydesignstudio.com


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We tend to work very closely with our clients in a highly personalized manner to understand their ideas and vision rather than imposing our own ideas and personal taste onto them. We encourage client participation in every phase of planning and implementation of the interior decoration project. Through this co-operation, we can maintain a perfect balance between clients’ ideas and the teams’ vision when we plan and implement all aesthetic and functional decisions. As we strive to create a flexible and functional environment that optimizes space. Homely Design Studio Private Limited who is an interior decorator company located in Mumbai have a team of highly experienced professionals that combines the ingenuity of an engineer and the imagination of an artist to provide the most innovative interior decoration solutions. They focus on the minor details of every project. Every detail is attended to, from a selection of colours, materials, lighting fixtures, furniture, and suitable artwork, down to faucets, toiletries, and doorknobs, etc. Besides material selection, will also oversee construction, purchasing, supervision, installation, and maintenance of all objects that are needed for the premises. Our team of professionals is committed to providing the best service in the industry. We strive to complete every project on time and within the budget constraints. Our company is located in Mumbai and you can reach us at +91 9833365310 by phone, and by email at info@homelydesignstudio.com Our business is built on strong relationships with clients. Visit our website to view some of the most innovative ideas transformed into built reality.


What is interior decoration: it is nothing but beautifying your home! False statement! Well, it’s more than just beautifying your home! Ask the professionals from Homely Design Studio. It is truly and rightly put that Homely Design Studio is the place for being if you have to get your place right on the social platforms today.
It is more like giving a personality to your home or may be much more than that. Homely Design Studio is the perfect place for your home and office trend well being and this can provide you the best output for your daily dose of seeing beauty in and around your home or office!

Homely Design Studio is the best place that can get you access to the suited interior decoration and the commercial designers who can do up your home or office in the most extravagant manner – the way you want it, the way it should be suited and also the way it is righteous in terms of Vaastu and more!

The home interior and the office interiors can be a significance of artwork and just amazing in terms of output when it comes to providing the least expenses and the excess beautification and trend personified! The architectural designs and the overall interior decoration capping your haven are the ones which are most recognized by the work of our home decorators! This is the greatest achievement and shall be achieved with even more excellence in the near future!

The prodigies who do this interior decoration for you have a lot to serve on the platter! Vaastu and NRI services are also the important components that can serve well when it comes to providing the best of the interior designing services to the NRIs!


Services of professional home decorators are no longer an expensive proposition meant for rich people only. Today, an average household with average income can afford this luxury to transform a home into a dream house. Come to Homely Design Studio Private Limited for all your home decoration needs and we will convince you what professional home decorators can do for you with their unique design ideas, at an affordable price. We are a step ahead of our competition because we handle every design project with creativity that is in line with the ideas and dreams of our clients. Client wishes are our top priority and we plan and implement every project with the client’s full cooperation to bring his/her vision to reality. Our company is located in Mumbai and you can reach us at +91 9833365310 by phone, and by email at info@homelydesignstudio.com We meet with clients face to face to find out about their lifestyles and their space needs so that we can develop a custom design plan for their home. With an eye for detail and elegance and emphasis on comfort and functionality, we make sure that our client’s style is reflected through in every room we design and decorate. Unlike some home decorators, Homely Design Studio Private Limited pays special attention to coordinating decor from one room to another, creating not just beautiful interior spaces, but an entire home with room designs that stay in perfect harmony.

Choosing a home decorator can be one of the more difficult tasks of home ownership. When making this decision, you want to make sure that you are choosing someone that can work well with your own personal style. As home decorators, we discuss with clients, outlining the different proposed design elements including space use, floor and wall coverings, window treatments, furniture selection and upholstery, as well as any structural modifications that may be needed. Come to Homely Design Studio Private Limited and you will be pleased that you selected the best home decorators. Unlike ordinary home decorators, our team of professionals will provide a unique touch to the minor details in your home. With selection of fancy faucets to elegant kitchen counter-tops, we will create a perfect dream house for you. Besides color and material selection, our services include construction, purchasing, supervision and coordination of your entire home design project. Our company is located in Mumbai and you can reach us at +91 9833365310 by phone, and by email at info@homelydesignstudio.com We strive to bring our clients the best that home interior design has to offer by remaining informed of the latest trends and techniques in this industry. Visit our portfolio to see some of our accomplishments as home decorators.


It is the special home designs from Homely Design Studio Private Limited which can make your house look like a heavenly haven, it is very indispensable to make sure that you are including all the aspects of interiors and home designs! Accommodating the tiniest details in lavish designs and beautiful cuts, we atHomely Design Studio Private Limited aspire to serve you at our best and this shall be accomplished with utmost care and minuscule considerations in accuracy.
It is mainly the home where everyone comes back to and where the soul dwells, thus to have the perfection in the finishing is something that everybody would prefer. Homely Design Studio Private Limited brings to you a rich pool of qualified professionals who shall guide you through with the excellent home design and the most accurate and righteous cultures while also taking into account other procedures for your well-being.
It is very important that you consider the appearance and aesthetic values in your home for the purpose of a lavish and satisfied lifestyle. Also, it is necessary to notify all of the important features – decorative, elegant, vibrant and lively, with your home design and this is what Homely Design Studio Private Limited supplements you with.
To have a homely haven or to have a heavenly heaven or maybe a heavenly home, whereby you can tuck yourself all day long – furnished with colour combinations and textured wall hangings and painting as well as other matched and good quality accessories – is like a charming call when it comes to making and building the designer home!
Homely Design Studio Private Limited plans to make your home just as you may have celebrations all around the year. It is the right sensation that can give the evergreen glow to your home! We make sure you have what you want and you suit what we love for your home.


At Homely Design Studio Private Limited, we have a firm belief in making the most of your home décor ideas. Utilizing our energies and efforts to the fullest towards your home furnishing is what we look at as an opportunity. Positive energies and vibrations in the form of vaastu as well it inculcates a great sense of the wellbeing and more than that a great sense of security in terms of righteousness living.
The home decor from us shall make sure that you are getting the perfect outlook for your home! This shall also enable the outlook of your social life which has a direct reflection on you as a person.
You build your home only once, and thus, it is the perfect opportunity to take up home decor ideas from Homely Design Studio Private Limited. Homely Design Studio Private Limited will also make sure that you are well guided in terms of the home decor arrangements and expenditure so that there is mutual comfort while your haven is being designed.
There is a rich pool of interior design professionals at this interior designing company in Mumbai make sure that we are going about the perfect ways of building a holistic and vaastu oriented house for you!
Homely Design Studio Private Limited is the perfect destination as the interior designing place, for all those who want to beautify and construct smoothly, a lavish and holistic home. Be it any property, Homely Design Studio Private Limited has the capability of bringing about the suited and perfect home décor for one and all of the clients! This is a great opportunity to portray your home as trend smitten as the professional home designers work around what’s in trend and what’s new for the best outlook of your home.
Thus if it’s home décor and designing, it’s got to be Homely Design Studio Private Limited.

residential interior

Tackling any residential interior design project can be daunting for anyone who is just getting started. Homely Design Studio Private Limited have all the tools and experience necessary to provide exceptional results for your home. Many of our clients include luxury homes, financial institutions, and corporate facilities, and they have not been disappointed. Working with your cooperation at every turn, and bringing your residential interior design ideas to life, you will be amazed at what we can do for you.

Our company is located in Mumbai and you can reach us at +91 9833365310 by phone, and by email at info@homelydesignstudio.com

At Homely Design Studio Private Limited we are committed to providing outstanding results but we also realize that for an outstanding overall residential interior design experience we must be sensitive to your needs. This means working with your cooperation as the project comes to completion, as well as respecting your budget and deadline. By searching our website, you will see just what we have done and what we can do for you. With Homely Design Studio Interior Designers & Decorators Private Limited, the breath-taking residential interior design is standard.
Our residential interior design team can provide exceptional results in your dining room, bedroom or even a stylish bar for entertaining guests at your home. Along with the latest home fashions and exciting design elements we are able to go above and beyond your expectations in bringing to you interior lighting and communications and any other engineering. When it comes to residential interior design, Homely Design Studio Interior Designers & Decorators Private Limited goes the extra mile to make your dream home a reality.
Our company is located in Mumbai and you can reach us at +91 9833365310 by phone, and by email at info@homelydesignstudio.com
You need not feel overwhelmed by the prospect of starting your own residential interior design project when you call on Homely Design Studio Interior Designers & Decorators Private Limited. Not only will your input be taken in and utilized in bringing to life to the home of your dreams but it will be done on time and on budget. The engaging style aspects and elements of your new living space will bring new zest and flavour to your home.


Homely Design Studio Private Limited brings to you the pool of professional interior designers. Their interior designing prodigies can help you add life to the office interiors thereby making it look very aesthetic!
Various architecture 2D – 3D designs, rich architectural designs, and commercial decorators are the tags that define our proficiency as interior decorators in Mumbai.
It is very important to note that one can maybe not figure out the reality of the presence of great carved out structures and may get just carried away with the colour combinations, but however, they stand very important and even more relevant when it comes to making an infrastructural mark this is of pivotal nature when it comes to long-term excellence as well.
The professional team of interior design prodigies at Homely Design Studio Private Limited can guide you through all the do’s and don’ts while you work along with the success of your designs for the respective properties.
It sometimes becomes indispensable to have that perfect and professional advice in terms of architectural work from interior designers, home decorators and like. Lively environment, beautiful paintings to look at, comfortable seating and furnishings as well as well put-up infrastructure maybe making your property a lavish one for a temporary view but however the base of the architecture 2D – 3D designs is the complete strength for longer term recognition and excellence!
Architectural designs are very important considerations while you have to look at all the possible options in the rein of designing your home or office. It’s all about the perfectionist edge that each and every home or office can get!
This really means a lot when it comes to the trending spree of today! Homely Design Studio Private Limited has been the perfect solution for all of those who wish to be part of the trendy interior designing module!
The extravagant services – of great and beautiful as well as elegant architectural designs are looked at with sheer impact-full sight! The necessary suitable drafting and more takes place via the smooth technology.
Homely Design Studio Private Limited has a pool of professional interior designers and they are the prodigies in architecture 2D and 3D designs, architectural designs and like home interiors, office interior, etc.